Brian Aichlmayr

IATSE Local 600 1st Assistant Camera


Brian Aichlmayr attended Film School at HCC Northwest the fall semester of 2008 through the winter of 2010. During his time there, he was able to work on a couple of independent features as a grip and then as a camera assistant. From then on he has continued to learn new skills and techniques in the industry to put to use in this ever changing fast paced industry. Brian enjoys working with others to turn ideas into a reality while pushing the limits of creativity to break the mode of what is considered the norm. Brian is a strong focus puller, learns quickly, works hard, has a keen eye for detail, and a strong command of camera techniques. Brian has a passion for the art of visual storytelling, is quick to act, vigilant around the camera, and always has a can-do attitude on set.

Brian Aichlmayr is part of the ICG: International Cinematographers Guild (IATSE Local 600) as a 1st Assistant Camera and is an Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators. He has worked on many different projects ranging from commercials to features and more. Brian is experienced with multiple camera platforms and a very wide variety of lenses, as well as technical camera support like Gimbals, Steadicam and more.